T9-817: fuseholder style circuit breakers

Latest addition for vertical PCB mounting    

The T9 family of thermal circuit breakers provides push-to-reset overcurrent protection in an array of mounting styles that offer a 1:1 alternative to industry standard closed fuseholders, including vertical and horizontal mounted PCB types, quick-connect terminal types for front and rear panel mounting, snap in or nut fastened types, including a threaded neck rear mount style. As with all PCB mounted components, the newest addition, T9-817 series circuit breaker reduces assembly costs and saves board space, as assembly hardware and wires are eliminated. The new circuit breaker addition sports a slim design and a small cylindrical reset button, which protrudes minimally through the panel opening. A spring pushes the button out further when the device trips.

Circuit breakers are an ideal alternative to fuses, since fuses are known to age, due to pulse or high surge currents, and thus trip prematurely. Circuit breakers prevent unnecessary down time by eliminating the need for fuse replacement, as well as the associated risk of inadvertently inserting a fuse with the incorrect current rating. The T9 series circuit breaker is therefore intended as an alternative to 5x20 or 6.3x32 mm fuses used with closed fuseholders.

T9 diversity of variants

T9 mounting options:

 THT vertical PCB mounting
 THT horizontal PCB mounting

 Threaded neck with PA66 plastic nut

 Threaded neck with metal nut
  Rear mounting
  Optional cover for IP 65 rating 

 Snap-in from frontside
  Rated current printed on front

 Snap-in from rear side

    Technical features and benefits:

  - Current range: 4 - 12 A
  - Rated voltage: 240 VAC / 48 VDC
  - Conditional short circuit capacity: IEC: Inc. PC1, AC 240 V: 2 kA
UL/CSA: SC, AC 240 V, DC 48 / 32 V: 2 kA, C1
  - Dielectric strength: 1500 VAC
  - Insulation resistance: 500 VDC


  - Power supplies UPS systems
  - Motor drives
  - Medical diagnostic equipment
  - Commercial kitchen equipment
  - Lighting fixtures
  - Equipment for sports and leisure
  - Medical equipment


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